Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Seminars

  • CJ is now setting up speaking engagements for caregivers, sharing her Tao attitude to bring them hope, encouragement and light. For further information, to meet with CJ, or to have her come to your group or organization


Let CJ Golden bring her passion, expertise and wisdom to your next event for women, girls, or moms and daughters together.  


Although suited to each specific group and its needs and requests, Tao and defiant workshops and speaking engagements all share the understanding of the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao*  and add a healthy kick of defiance (defying harmful stereotypes, negativity, self-limiting behaviors).  CJ’s unique philosophy teaches us to acknowledge and accept the changes and transitions within the Universe and our lives, for without acceptance we remain quiescent and there there can be no forward movement.

Speeches, Seminars, customized speeches and interactive workshops include (but are not limited to)…

  • Mine the Mind. When we stop, breathe, and practice mindful meditation we reduce stress,  learn to be in the present and improve our mental and physical health.  When CJ offered a workshop in Mindful Meditation to a group of high school girls, it was immediately clear to her that this was a practice they not only needed but were longing to learn.   And so began the newest of CJ’s workshops for women and girls as she shares the beauty and benefits of Mindful Meditation; its history and the important role it plays in our lives today.
  • CJ is setting up speaking engagements now to share her caregiving advice to bring hope, encouragement and light to other caregivers.  For further information, to meet with CJ, or to have her come to your group or organization contact her at
  • What is Your Value?
    In this thought provoking multi-series workshop, CJ challenges the participants to recognize the value of their attributes.  What are we all worth?  What is the sum of our strengths and how do we place a “price” on ourselves?  If, indeed, our self-esteem is secure and we know our self-worth, there is no way anyone can bully us into submission.  At the end of the workshops the participants will have come to understand their VALUE, for they are Vital, Assured, Lovable, Upbeat, Exceptional.
  • Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Taken.
    Following the Tao principle of Te, CJ shows participants to identify and celebrate their unique qualities. It is only in this way that we can live our lives most abundantly; enjoying our own special gifts and employing them to reach our full potentials.
  • What’s Your Selfless Quotient?
    It has been said that we must love ourselves above all. While that might sound selfish to some, CJ explains that there is a difference between selfish (thinking of self without concern for others) and selfless ( thinking of others above oneself). However one cannot truly love or give to others without first recognizing their own lovable qualities. Once we accept ourselves, give ourselves a healthy does of self love we can then wholly reach out to those around us.
  • Imagine Your Possibilities.
    Tao tells us that we all have unique abilities. To this CJ adds a kick of defiance where she would have us defy those who try to keep us down; who attempt to belittle our strengths and destroy the quest to follow our dreams. We all have the ability to live our dreams and CJ shows us how.
  • Smashing Stereotypes.
    Using defiance in accord with the Tao, CJ hones in on our unique attributes and shows all the way to live with strength, joy and grace in order to smash the negative stereotypes that would try to pull us down.
  • Stuff happens; Now What Do I Do?
    We have all lived this scenario: our lives are going along so very smoothly with not a care in the world when seemingly out of nowhere we are hit with a roadblock so high and difficult that we can’t imagine we’ll ever find our way around it. Yet by pulling ourselves up, re-imagining our path and finding the necessary detour we can, indeed, continue on our journeys. And, according to CJ, we will learn valuable lessons in the process and move ahead stronger, healthier in spirit and more joy-filled.

*the Tao is the ancient Chinese philosophy that celebrates uniqueness and the changing patterns in the Universe and, thus, within our own paths. The key to understanding Taoism is simply accepting yourself. Live life and celebrate your unique being. Your nature is ever changing yet is always the same. Don’t try to fight the various contradictions in life, instead learn to accept and move forward with grace, strength and joy.

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