Book Signings, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

CJ GoldenAs I make my way around the country, I’d love to meet you all – at book stores, workshops, seminars, and various women’s groups. This is the place to find my schedule, so please keep checking back to see when I’ll be in your neighborhood. Please feel free to email me to discuss the possibility of me visiting you – be it a Tao Gathering, professional seminar or workshop, book group, lady’s club, health and healing weekend. I look forward to meeting you.

A word about Tao and Defiant workshops and speaking engagements:

Although suited to each specific group and its needs and requests, Tao and defiant workshops and speaking engagements all share the understanding of the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao; teaching us acceptance of the changes and transitions within the Universe and, therefore, within us and our lives.

While the Tao is an ancient philosophy, participants come to understand that it fits into our modern-day lives and is available for all to utilize to enhance and enrich our paths.

Next we discuss defiance.  This word usually brings to mind a petulant child stamping her feet against authority, but the defiance I recommend is that which helps us defy outdated stereotypes, negativity and self-defeating behaviors.

The workshops are thought provoking, yet fun and most definitely interactive with both exercises suited to the group, and plenty of lively discussion.

I work with women and girls who wish to learn how to accept the transitions of their lives with joy and vitality.

And I work with those who want to learn more about my philosophy so they can bring it to others and become facilitators themselves.

To schedule your Tao and Defiant or Tao-Girl workshop
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