The Robins Must Have Gotten the Memo

robinI awoke the morning of March 20 to a beautiful SPRING day. Temps supposed to soar into the 50’s and the sky will remain bright and blue and beautiful. Apparently I am not the only one who knew it was the day of the vernal equinox, for right outside my kitchen window, in all of their glory, were three robins hopping from tree to tree as if welcoming me to this glorious season.

I guess they got the memo.

Certainly we’ve had robin sightings throughout the winter, but not in the same manner as I saw them that morning. On that first day of spring, rather than pecking at the ground as if looking for food to magically appear through the ice, they were happily flitting around as if in a celebratory dance. I’ve no doubt that if I looked closely enough I’d have seen their beaks turned up into teeny little smiles.

Which, of course, made me smile.

A lover of winter (that’s why I live in New England, folks) I relished every snowflake that fell. The more the better. Of course, that is easy for me to say as my work allows me to stay snuggled up at my desk as I type away. But this year I was ready for a change of season – if even to put away my Ibex woolen tops and swap them for the bright colors of my lighter cotton shirts.

I recently had an email conversation with a colleague who lives in Indonesia. He cannot conceive of living in a place that has more than one season. His is a land of forever summer and major heat. There is a beauty in the diversity we have here. With the renewal that spring brings I find myself lifted in spirits, understanding that all things are given a second chance and the circle of life follows its natural path. Summer brings the heat that we have wished for all winter long – and with that, the permission to relax a bit, lounge at the water’s edge and read some funky novel. Fall – well, fall reminds me that all things must eventually let go in order to grow and change through the dormant time that winter brings – and the cold temperatures we have pined for all summer long!

As I type this piece I am looking at the rain outside. Yup – it is spring and that rain is bringing us the flowers we all hope to see pop up in the next week or two. I find it all so very exciting and beautiful – every one of our seasons here in New England. Indonesia? Well, it might be a nice place to visit but I sure wouldn’t want to live there.