Welcome to spring – the season of reawakening.

And, just how, I ask you, did we get here so quickly? Wasn’t it only a few months ago that we were ushering in the new year; making our lofty resolutions, worrying about the possibility of upcoming snowstorms and sitting through the agonizing audition phase of American Idol?

Well, we survived the winter and are now entering this most beautiful and hopeful of seasons; one where, as the trees begin to bud and the flowers bloom, we can work on our personal revitalization and renewal.

I have a very wise and dear friend, Donna Ferber, who at the New Year had emphasized the first letters of those three words: ANY.

According to Donna, ANYthing is possible – and, with the onset of this new season I intend to take those three words: anything is possible and remember that as this season brings with it new growth so, too, can I continue to blossom.

Despite any difficulties we might have faced in the past, there is always potential for our lives to be filled with success and joy.  There is always potential for individual growth. And, no, I don’t mean the kind that happened when we overate during our winter doldrums – I am talking about the spiritual and emotional growth that comes with acceptance.  At times life may be tough but within the challenges can come the opportunity to learn about ourselves and the strength we possess.

Now our mission is to take that strength and those lessons learned and turn them into positives that will carry us forward through this new season and beyond.

I recently received an email from one of my readers who told me about her difficult past year: she divorced her abusive husband; fell off of her bike, injuring her shoulder which required surgery; and was forced to miss work as a physical therapy assistant.  And yet, with all of these challenges, she told me that every day she continues to heal physically and emotionally.  Referring to the past as a dormant season of her life, she looks upon spring as the time that she’ll emerge a stronger and more vibrant woman.

At my desk, next to my computer, sits a vase overflowing with bright yellow tulips.  Right now they are closed tightly, but I know they will open soon and become magnificent and healthy blossoms.  We can do the same, you know.  We can open up to the enormous possibilities for renewal that spring brings as we reawaken our bodies, our minds and our souls.