The Miraculous Seasons of Life

imagesHere I am, happily settled in New England – and, while I’ve been fortunate to travel to just about every state in this country, my heart and soul are always most at home here – in this part of the country that feels so supremely comfortable.

At a time when many of my friends are retiring to warmer climates, I remain blissfully content in this geographical region of changing temperatures, and varied forms of precipitation.

Yesterday, while driving with my husband, Joe, down a road that took us past acres of trees and vast mountain views, we were excited to discover that some of the trees were beginning to sport light green hues. Spring has finely arrived and the flora and fauna are springing (pun intended) into action.

There are definitely more small critters scurrying around, finding the small bits of grass that slowly losing their snowy covering, on which to munch. Friends down south tell me they are seeing the sprouts of daffodil leaves, and I take joy in the fact that our own spring flowers will be appearing soon, as well.

It is all supremely beautiful, and amazing, and quite awe-inspiring. The changing of the seasons is, in my mind, nothing short of miraculous. And it is worthy of celebration.

As are the transformations of our lives – from birth to old age – with the physical, spiritual and psychological changes that are all part and parcel of this road of life on which we are traveling.

Last summer I celebrated a “big” birthday (although aren’t they all big birthdays?) and I truly celebrated. Okay, to be very honest here, I am in the autumn of my life – closer to the end of November than mid-September – and I see the physical changes in my body just as clearly as I can see the leaves turning colors on the trees in the fall. But I’ve come to recognize the magic in all of this. It is as it is, and as it should be.

Why, then, do we humans feel the need to malign these transformations within our bodies? For we are following the natural course of all of life, and trying to alter the transformations as they occur will serve only to bring us great dissatisfaction.

As the flora and fauna have learned to adapt to the changing requirements that each season brings upon them, so, too, must we follow suit. With the same grace and dignity we see in the natural world outside of our bodies.

To whatever higher power you or I attribute these changes; no matter what challenges the transformations along my path bring to me, I sincerely hope to continue finding wonder and magic in the flow of my seasons.

I’m planning on walking around the block this afternoon to enjoy the sun’s warmth, the receding snow banks and the birds celebrating the newness of spring. And I shall be celebrating with them.

Miraculous? Yes, it most surely is!