Some of you have already been a part of the Tao-Girl workshops; some have not… and, so, for those of you who are excited to learn more, here’s some information about the workshops that introduce you to being a Tao-Girl.

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A Workshop for Girls – Ages 11 to 17

Let me start by reminding you a bit about me: my name is CJ Golden and I am the author of the book, TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN and TAO-GIRLS RULE!

I wrote TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN to help women (myself included) because as we go through life we find that all things change: our friends and family, our bodies, our health and the world around us. Those are the times when we are going along as if everything is just great and then, wham, something happens that turns our worlds upside down.

In the book I share a belief of mine that follows an ancient Chinese way of thinking. It’s called TAO (pronounced DOW) and it teaches us we need to accept changes that happen in our lives.  And then I talk about being defiant or dynamic – that’s the part that makes us strong.

Many of the TAO AND DEFIANT WOMEN I met have daughters about your age. These women asked me to write a new book – one for girls ages 11 – 17.

I titled your book TAO-GIRLS RULE!  because, well, you do RULE when you live your lives as Tao-Girls.

You can learn more about TAO-GIRLS on the: Are YOU a Tao-Girl? page .

So far, I have met with many groups of girls and am finding you are all going through some pretty difficult changes in your lives – just like we moms and grandmothers did when we were younger.  In some ways your lives are similar to ours when we were your age, but also very different.

During a workshop, when you, your friends and I meet, we will talk about the lives of Tao-Girls and see how being confident, balanced and bold helps to keep us strong and happy.  We do this by sharing our stories…learning from each other, playing games and having fun.

When we’re together you will learn about me and my work and I, in turn, will learn more about you. There is much you can teach me about the challenges you face in your lives and how you deal with them.

I have many workshops coming up with Tao-Girls around the country.  It would be fun to meet you and your friends, too.  There are even times when I’ve met with girls and the adults in their lives (mom, grandmother, aunt, etc.)  and we’ve done workshops together.  They were really very interesting workshops and and everyone had a great time!

The photo above shows me with a group of kids and adults at a workshop at TBICO in Connecticut.  Proof that we really do have fun!


I’m pleased that many folks have sent me very fine comments about my workshops and seminars and am proud to share some of their words here with you:

Toni Ann Rotondo, Co-VP Ticktockers, Redding Area, National Charity League
A daunting task to keep 200+ teenagers engaged! You did a wonderful job. Thank you for coming to the Redding area NCL District Ticktocker Day to be our keynote speaker ! I heard the girls bizz buzzing amongst themselves about what a great day it was and you were a huge reason why!

Melanie S. Wills-Tavares, Director of Diversity Initiatives, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
“Thank you!  So many staff members have commented on what a FABulous retreat it was!  I cannot thank you enough for sharing with us.  Once again, I cannot thank you enough for inspiring our team (and our families) and supporting our work with girls.”

Doris, Troop #74364 Weymouth
“Just wanted to let u know how much I truly enjoyed Saturday’s Girl Scout Thank You Day.  I felt lucky to have to only commute to Quincy (from Weymouth). It was so nice to have an event close by for a change….wonderful!  I enjoyed speaker CJ immensely and bought 2 books of hers that day.  My  conflict resolution  and Tao Girl class were fabulous.  I want to thank you so much for such an informative, educational and all around enjoyable day.  Your hard work was truly appreciated!”

Weymouth Brownie Leader
About CJ:  I found her to be a good speaker and her speech was very relevant to our day, I took Jr. Training and laughed about how relevant what she said was.

Blue Hills SU – Works with Juniors, Cadette’s, Seniors
CJ was a perfect speaker on the thoughts of many volunteers,’ How can I help?’  She empowered me to think, ‘How can I help more? It’s ok if I think differently from others.’  Thank you for sharing CJ with us!”

Marlborough Brownies
CJ was very impressive. An interesting and dynamic woman, she was a terrific choice for the keynote speaker. I was [skeptical] after reading her bio but was more than impressed with her presentation and outlook on life.


If you’re interested, or have any questions about the workshops, please email me at

I am so looking forward to hearing from you!



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