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williemaeHey girls – check out Willie Mae Rock Camp – wish it was around when I was a kid!


Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is a non-profit music and mentoring program that empowers girls and women through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Statement of Purpose

The organization brings together girls and women from diverse communities and encourages them to explore self-expression through music, hone their critical thinking skills, build meaningful alliances with other girls and women, develop confidence in making healthy choices in their lives, and effect positive change in their communities and in the world.

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls operates a summer day camp, after school programs, and community events in New York City.


This came in from New Moon Girls:

Speak out against gender stereotyping in the toy aisle! Join New Moon Girls in support of gender neutral toy aisles in Target stores. Encourage an active imagination in all kids, regardless of their gender. Visit Change.org to sign the petition: http://chn.ge/Rlt7Nh or check out their site for more information: http://bit.ly/XQBCBA.


School’s back in session and that means I am lining up new workshops with schools around the state.

First up: High School Inc in Hartford and a series of five workshops for the Gurlz!

Yahooo!  I love being with that gang!




WELCOME girls of St Martin De Porres to the world of Tao-Girl!

I’m so looking forward to meeting all of you on Monday, April 30th and spending the next 7 Mondays with you as we talk, play, and enjoy the time together learning to live life as Tao-Girls.

We’ll support and encourage each other through the tough times we all face in our lives while we learn to be happy being our best, unique selves.  (I say “we” cause I sure always need encouragement and support as I go through life, just as you all do).

I’m sorry I can’t be with you the first day of the program (April 23rd) as I will be working with a college class on aging – helping them see that even little ole grey-haired grandmas like me still have lots of kick in them.

But you will be getting your introduction into the world of Tao-Girls with Gigi Becker who I’ve met and let me tell you – she is one heck of a great Tao-Girl role model for us all!

So have fun on the 23rd.

Email me and let me know how you enjoyed your first meeting, if you have any questions or thoughts for me before you and I get together on the 30th, and mostly just because I’d love to hear from you!

Love (I know I’m gonna love you all)



Meet High Hopes!

Tiana “TI” and Shantay with CJ’s “pooch” Sherman.

After the most phenomenal showcase put on by the High Hopes students, some of us went out to celebrate this amazing program and mix and mingle with the folks of Leadership Greater Hartford.

Ms. Minervia,HIgh Hopes program coordinator and CJ checking out CJ’s Tao-Girl license plate

High Hopes extends well beyond the classroom as these pics show as we ride in CJ’s car to the social hour with LGH.Ms.






What a great time I had with the girls of Pro Access in Bethel!  We got to know each other; I shared just what it means to be a Tao and “defiant” Tao-Girl.

I know I’m looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday, April 18th.

If you weren’t at our first meeting come join us in April – know that you will quickly catch on – and we’d all love to have you join the gang!


CJ has created a Tao-Girl program especially for the girls of Pro Access in Bethel, CT!

The third Wednesday of every month till the end of the school year will be Tao-Girl Day at Pro Access.


Here’s what some other girls your age have to say about how great it is to be a Tao-Girl:

I am a Tao-Girl:
“Life hits me with so many different things every day and all I can do is embrace them and turn them into positive learning experiences. I accept that I am nowhere near perfect and I can learn from my weak¬nesses, mistakes and imperfections and make them beautiful. I try not to give up when life gets me down, or I do something I told myself I would not do because I know I am a work in progress and am always growing.”

–Tao-Girl Lori

“I have experienced a lot of change, both good and bad and I’ve learned that you have to learn to adjust to new situations and well…deal with it. It’s hard and all but you can’t let it overpower you. Don’t let the tough times bring you down. =) I’ve learned to always look on the positive side of situations. I know you hear it all the time and it sounds wicked corny but seriously, it works!”

–Tao-Girl Mandii

Hi CJ,
Its Maggie from the gathering we had last week. I have been using all the tools you have been talking about. I have been confident and I have been loving myself. Thank you so much.You have been an amazing help.


Come meet CJ, get a personalized copy of her book, TAO-GIRLS RULE!, and see how YOU can be a Tao-Girl!


The winners of our Tao-Girl Logo Contest!

Our judges have made their decisions and Tao-Girl is proud to announce-

All of these winning logos will be featured here on the Tao-Girl website And on Tao-Girl’s Facebook page.

Our Grand Prize Winner is 12-year-old Sheila R. from Pennsylvania

Sheila will receive tao Tao-Girl tee-shirts, three copies of TAO-GIRLS RULE! and has the opportunity to ask a personalized advice question of CJ. Her question and the answer will appear here on the Taogirl site.


Our Second Place Winner is 14-year-old Anita B. from Wisconsin

Anita will receive three copies of TAO-GIRLS RULE! and has the opportunity to ask a personalized question of CJ. Her question and the answer wil apeear on the Tao-Girl site.


Our Third Place Winner is 9-year-old Brooke from Connecticut

Brooke will receive a copy of TAO-GIRLS RULE!  and has the opportunity to ask a personalized advice question of CJ. Her question and the answer will appear here on the Tao-girl site.




November 12, 2010

Read the review of “Tao-Girls Rule” book at the Reader View Kids website!

August 28, 2010

WOW! a Tao-Girl Girl Scout Badge!  The Girl Scouts of SW Mass have instituted a new program based on Tao-Girls Rule and the Tao and its dynamic philosophy.  Here’s how the new program is described in their 2010-2011 Ultimate Guide to Programs and Rescouces:  The Ebb & Flow: that’s Life Life is all about striking a balance.  Sometimes you need to discover and blend new philosophies and coping skills to progress to the next level, or to find your unique path.  Sometimes you need new tools to get through the day to day tribulations of life.  We’ll explore the concepts of Taoism through CJ Golden’s book Tao-Girls Rule! Finding Balance, Staying Confident, Being Bold, In a World of Challenges.  We’ll practice and create stress-busting techniques and tools.  We’ll discuss issues girls face today and create a plan for taking action in our lives.  Discover who Destination Tao-Girls is, where she can go with you, and how to report back to other girls on your unique life journey.

April, 15, 2010

Here I am with some of the strong, smart and bold girls of Girl’s Inc of SW Connecticut.

We had so much fun that day – learning about being Tao-Girls and even writing our own Tao-Girl songs!




March 20, 2010,

Here’s a Tao-Girl song for you from  Tao-Girls:  Fantansia, Nicole, Britt, Alex and Shreya to the tune of “Sponge Bob F.U.N. Song”

T is for tenacious  Holding each other  
A is for accepting  
O is optimistic  putting smiles on your faces  
G is for greatful wishes  
I is for imaginative minds  
R is for radiant like the sun  
L is for loving you and me

I love it and thank the gals for writing it for us all!

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