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Tao-Girl Quiz
Are you a Tao-Girl?
Test yourself with these 
all new questions:
These questions are more difficult than the last ones because some of our Tao-Girls asked me for harder questions.  Thanks girls!
There's a dance at school but you can't go because you don't have 
enough money.
Do you...
(click one box, please)
...Stay at home and be very unhappy and angry? ...Have a party at your home for all the girls you know who also can't go to the dance?
Your Dad got a new job and you and your family have to move to another state far away.  
Do you...
...Feel sorry that you  will not be with your old friends, but realize that you can meet other people and that might be exciting? ...Lock yourself in your room and angrily say that you won't move with your family? 
Your Grandma is very ill and can't come to the family holiday dinner even though she lives close to you.
.  Do you...
...Feel sad because she is sick but get your family to  bring part of the meal to her house and have a holiday meal  there? ...Tell everyone how  angry you are that she is sick and then refuse to join the rest of the family at the holiday dinner?
Many of your friends have dogs and you don't because your little brother sneezes whenever he is near a dog.  
Do you...
...Try to give your little brother away to another family because you really want a dog? ...Realize that your brother doesn't want to sneeze  so you help a friend  take care of her dog?
A "popular" girl in school tells you that she doesn't like you because you look different from everyone else.
  Do you...
...Accept yourself for who you are and be proud of the way you look? ...Be miserable and unhappy with yourself because you don't look like that popular girl does?
A new girl comes into your class and everyone else makes fun of her because she can't walk very well.
Do you...
... Invite her to have lunch with you  because you know that not walking well doesn't mean she isn't a great and fun person? ...Make fun of her, too, so you fit in with everyone else?