Are YOU a Tao-Girl?

So, what is a Tao-Girl, anyway?

  • T – A Tao-Girl is tenacious – she doesn’t give up even when life gets difficult.
  • A – A Tao-Girl is accepting – she understands, works through her weaknesses and makes the most of her strengths.
  • O – A Tao-Girl is optimistic– she recognizes all the good things in her life even when she experiences disappointment.
  • G – A Tao-Girl is grateful – for her life, her family and friends.
  • I – A Tao-Girl is imaginative – she finds ways to make the best of every situation.
  • R – A Tao-Girl is radiant – she is beautiful outside because she is beautiful (happy) inside.
  • L – A Tao-Girl is loving – to her friends and family and especially to herself

Tao is a philosophy that came from China about 2,500 years ago.  In English the word “Tao” translates to “the way” or “the path.” If you understand Tao (the path or the way) you realize and accept that  life is constantly changing.  Sometimes everything is terrific then, WHAM! life gets tough.  This is when being Tao and dynamic helps keep us strong and happy.

Taoism teaches us four very important principles to help guide us.

Yin and Yang – everything in the world has its opposite: without up we wouldn’t know down, without sad we wouldn’t know happy.

Wu Wei (pronounced woo way)  means “not forcing” a situation to be what it isn’t.  If you find you have to move to another town, and don’t want to – well, kicking and crying won’t help – but making the best of it is the way to go.

Tzu-jan (pronounced sue ron) is the part of  Tao which reminds us that our lives follow a  natural path and has many changes and challenges.  It is sort of like the river racing downstream flowing over soft sand and then big, hard rocks.

Te (pronounced day) tells us to be  the best people we can be without comparing ourselves to others.

And then, to the Tao, Tao-Girls add Dynamic – staying positive, happy and confident and sharing that with her Tao-Girl friends.

So, to answer the question “What is a Tao-Girl?”

You are a Tao-Girl if you understand the principals of Tao, remain positive and “dynamic” and are ready to be the best YOU that you can be!

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