About C.J.

Hey there! Welcome to the ‘About CJ’ page where you get to learn all about me and the reasons why I love working with you ~

Don’t Judge a CJ by Her Cover

At first glance, I know what you’re thinking; I’m a sweet, 60-something grandma-type… Though this is pretty much true, I’m not a typical 60-something grandma-type. I keep my Tao and Dynamic side with me at all times to be one feisty 60-something chick who is known to try a flashy red or green on the tips of her hair time to time and I’m always taking on new adventures to keep an exciting, fresh outlook on life. I love the outdoors and enjoyed hiking through the country’s national parks this summer.

A CJ of Many Trades

It has been my wonderful experience to have enjoyed numerous successful careers as: a speech and hearing therapist, a group sales manager of an Equity playhouse, being a professional actress on stage, screen, and TV in New York and Los Angeles and currently my enriching life of a published author of books, poetry, short stories, essays, articles and blogs.

CJ on the Move

When I became a grandma, I decided to go through another transformation in my life which is similar to the transformation you’re going through right now in the way that I knew I needed to embrace change.  This time, the change was how I looked at life.  I revisited the Tao principles that I’d studied in college and on the advice of a good friend, researched and traveled to find a new perspective.  In meeting amazing women across the country and sharing experiences, I was inspired to write my first book, Tao of the Defiant Woman.

Yet the journey had only started there.  In working with mothers and other grandmothers, in addition to learning from my own family, I was broadening my knowledge of women’s studies to include young women too~ promising, great girls like you!  I was so inspired by the girls I met and wanted to not only share their stories but also share some of the wisdom that I and other women had learned about going through the triumphs and obstacles of this young age (we really were there once).

So when you’re unsure, need a shoulder to lean on, need someone to listen or to encourage, think of all of us who have been in your footsteps before and we’ll happily embrace you with the lessons we’ve learned, make you laugh with a few of our own memories, and gently guide you through!  Tao-Girls Rule! and the taogirls.com site offer the experiences/advice not only of the experts, not only of adults, but also girls just like you who are feeling the same things!  Enjoy, visit often, and don’t be shy to write in to me or follow me on GirlZone where I write a monthly column!


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