One Pedal at a Time

CJ is proud to announce that “One Pedal at a Time” has been accepted for publication by Abuzz Press and will be available soon!

“One Pedal at a Time: A Caregiver’s Journal of Courage, Support and Love”.

CJ has faced the challenge of her life and lived up to it with her typical Tao and Defiant attitude.

One Pedal at a Time: A Caregiver’s Journal of Courage, Support and Love follows – in real time – the yearlong journey of a long-distance cyclist during and after his cancer induced strokes.

The patient is her husband, Joe. The caregiver is CJ. Joe’s motto for getting through life’s most trying times has always been, ”One pedal at a time,” which refers to his days traversing the country, for months at a time, on merely the two wheels of his road bike.

Part One, presented in narrative format, introduces the reader to Joe and CJ as they joined together in a marriage built on love, mutual respect and support. This sets the stage for the strength of her devotion in getting him through the cancer and subsequent strokes that threatened to take his life.

In Part Two, CJ shares real-time updates about Joe’s illness, from the dire first months to the present, and his miraculous recuperation, through emails  sent to family and friends.  Each set of emails is then followed by a corresponding lesson CJ had learned as his caregiver, sharing information and encouragement to others in the same position.

Part Three reverts to the purely narrative format with chapters presented to assure the reader that there can be hope and light in even this most dire of situations.

The Index, shares a list of physical, emotional and financial resources available to caregivers.


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