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Audio Clips: Conversations with CJ:

Blogtalkradio – Circle Connections, May 16, 2011

Get Connected – 106.7 LiteFM, NY. July 4, 2010

Bloom Talk Radio with Barb Scala February 4, 2010

Diva Toolbox Radio on BlogTalk Radio with Janet Powers

Christine Nagy – LITE FM – Get Connected 4/13/2008 (this is a big file, please be patient)

Michael Dresser, National – syndicated 11/20/2007

Rachel Lehcar, KAIR, Kansas City, Part one 11/20/2007

Rachel Lehcar, KAIR, Kansas City, Part two 11/20/2007

Jenny Grabel, KWMT, Tucson 11/19/2007

Health & Beauty Revolution w/Patty Kovacs 11/19/2007

What is the Tao of the defiant woman? -excerpt from interview with Dan Collier, WDIS-AM, Newton, MA

Why I wrote the book. -excerpt from interview with Ken Johannessen, KPQ-AM, Seattle, WA

A discussion about Tao and defiance. -excerpt from interview with Frank and Allison, WTBQ-AM, Westchester, NY

On transitions -exceprt from interview with Mark Wayne, WICH-AM, Norwicg/New London, CT

On role models -excerpt from interview with Mark Wayne, WICH-AM, Norwich/New London, CT

CJ and her Golden Ponderings on Sally Jessy Raphael TalkNet Radio:

CJG-SJR_11-14-07 getting through theholidays

CJG-SJR_9-4-07 we’re not invisible

CJG-SJR-7-20-07 younger friends

CJG-SJR_7-3-07 learn to do less

CJG-SJR_6-6-07 don’t hide your age

CJG-SJR_4-19-07 introducing Tao and defiant

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