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Here’s an art show not to be missed!

This is the info.:
The gallery at the White Silo Farm & Winery 32 Rte. 37E in Sherman, CT will host a solo show of the glass artwork created by Danbury artist and Tao-Girl extraordinaire, Maryann Meken-Silvesrti.

The work includes kiln formed wall panels, tableware, jewelry and other objects d’art.
An artist’s reception will take place on Sat. Oct. 5, 2-4 pm.

The show will be open on Fri. Oct.4 and continue through Sun. Oct. 27.  The gallery is open Fri. Sat. & Sun. From 11:30 am – 6:00 pm

Contact: or The White Silo (860) 355-0271


bluethumbtackI just received this beautiful and insightful article from Dorothy Sander:

Dis-ease and the Value of the Healing Journey

I began waking up to the affects of trauma in my life, and how ineffective I had been in dealing with them as my life began to crumble around me. In spite of my best efforts to build, understand and construct a life that made sense, piece by piece, bit by bit, the foundation upon which I stood began to crumble and disintegrate. The ways I coped pre-midlife became utterly ineffectual in handling…



Check out this gorgeous jewlery –
made by the daughter
of our own Tao and defiant women, Sue Terbay


bluethumbtack   This came in from Sue Terbay

Have several writing projects happening at one time but the most important and hopefully the most healing will be my collaboration with my veteran son. We have decided to write a book together that speaks about war (Iraq and Afghanistan) from his view as a soldier now veteran and mine as a anti-war activist. He wants to entitle it The Two Faces of War but I told him once the book is finished it will cause its own title. The war invaded our family and has never gone away. It is time to write and discuss the ‘elephant’ in the room! It will take awhile I suspect to get it finished but all good things are worth the wait!

Way to go, Sue!!!!!!


purplethumbtackDustin Hoffman has done a remarkable invertview that all women should see
he has learned what we, as women, have, sadly, known, all of our lives.
This video is priceless!



For those of you in the Tampa area!!!

Girlstories Leadership Theatre by Powerstories Theatre presents their newest production July 25,27,28ps-girls-dreamsSoBright_webEmail (3)

                                   “Dreams So Bright”

 for complete information please visit




purplethumbtack From Alexis Powers:

The Adventure of John Quincy Quail,
a story about John Quincy Quail and his sister, Hazel Quail and his brother, Rutherford Quail,
is a tale of how these baby quail survive a scary situation.
Filled with luscious photographs by Jane McCutchen that tell of their plight,
this book can be read by parents to young children or by older children to their younger siblings.
The adorable photos of young baby quail are sure to enthrall children.

The book is available on or direct from my website:




Bonjour, dear friends–Jamie Cat Callan’s newest book:
“Ooh La La!  French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day”

was released on May 28th!

Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say:

“This charming foray into French femininity
will make a perfect cadeau for any Francophile lady.”

My good friend, Jamie, is a gorgeous writer, her books have been best sellers – and no wonder why –
she’s spot on with her observations of life as a French woman and how we here can emulate their lifestyles.

Jamie would like us to remember
*If you’d like me to come to your book club to talk about Ooh La La! please let me know.

*If you belong to a woman’s group, please consider me as a guest speaker.

*When you visit your local bookstore, I’d be thrilled if you asked about the book.

*And, of course, if you actually bought a book, I’d be over the moon!

Here’s wishing you lots of ooh la la!
Merci beaucoup,





I just saw the storyboard for the Tao-Girl Rap animation
and it looks fabulous.
Very excited to share it with you when it’s all done!


bluethumbtackI, CJ, am in the midst of writing a series called “Traveling Companions”
and, while some of the stories have been posted already as blogs,
I’d love to have you tell me about the interesting people you have met along your paths.

Lets work together and, perhaps, turn this into a book!





Tao and defiant question:
Hi, CJ, need some advice here.  I keep getting requests from friends to join this group or that group
and i am just not a group joining type of person. Whenever i say no they think i am being unfriendly.
i’m not unfriendly.  I just don’t like being a part of large groups.

How can i say no and get my friends to understand?


And here is a Tao and defiant response from Sue Terbay:

I have the same problem – I’m not one to go to big events either and to be invited by friend I gracefully decline.  My true friends do not question me – just tell me that they will miss my presence and they let it go at that.  People think because I’m outgoing and friendly that I like large groups of gathering of people and I don’t find that comfortable.  I hate ‘lying’ to make up an excuse and I’ve gotten to the point I don’t state anything further except, I’m sorry I cannot make it!!   I enjoy my friends in a more quieter setting, having wine, perhaps dinner or a good dessert at my home or their home or a nice restaurant – with good conversation.  Yes once in awhile I got to such gatherings only because I have to because of my job or something of importance. So the next time you are asked – gracefully decline and if there are questions – you do not have to give an excuse or answer if you do not wish – just state I’m sorry I cannot make it and let it go.