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CJ Golden may be a sweet, 70-something grandma-type; however, she is anything but typical.

Continually reinventing herself, Golden has enjoyed successful careers as: a speech and hearing therapist, group sales manager of an Equity playhouse, she has acted in professionally on stage, screen, and TV in New York and Los Angeles, and is a published author of poetry, short stories, essays, articles and blogs.

In her late 50’s Golden reached a personal crisis when she became a grandmother– for her a difficult transition. During this time she revisited the Taoist principles she had learned years earlier in college, and discovered their practical application to modern life.

On the good advice of a friend, Golden conducted extensive research with women around the country; through seminars and workshops to better understand how they handle the same transitions and challenges she herself was facing.

The Tao of the Defiant Woman, her first book, was born out of a love of writing, and personal desire to share her findings and stories from the women she met. And her second book Tao-Girls Rule! for teen and pre-teen girls, was written when the women with whom she came in contact asked for a similar book for their daughters and granddaughters.

A freelance columnist, author and motivational speaker, Golden currently travels the country from coast-to-coast inspiring her audience to seek and find an easier path through life using her Tao and Defiant philosophy.

Golden’s voice is one of a kind that imparts wisdom while staying completely accessible to her audiences; like a spunky fairy-godmother with the occasionally red or green tipped hair, she is a shoulder to lean on and a ‘rock on’ motivator all in one.

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