One Pedal at a Time: A Caregiver’s Journal

Dear friends,

As you know, my series of blogs as Joe and I worked our way through May, 2016 to today have found their way around social media as folks continue to share my words.

I cannot tell you how fulfilling that is: as I was writing to ease my mind and search my innermost feelings, I was also helping others who have found themselves in unexpected and unwanted role of caregiver.

You have not been seeing new blogs in this space for quite some time and that is because those that dealt with the last 16 months of my life are being put into a book (per the requests and support of many of you).

It is still a work in progress, but I can tell you (this is not the spoiler), that you will learn much more about me and about Joe and our relationship both before the strokes and after.  I’m sharing my personal emails as I sent updates to close friends and family members as well as the blogs you have read and some you have not yet seen – and with each, as always, I hope to shed and send some light to others who are caring for loved ones.

Oh, and the working title is: One Pedal at a Time

While the book is still a work in progress (although I am moving along at a surprisingly speedy pace) I wanted to explain my absence lately.

I’m working hard and, may I say, my editor, agent and I think we are on to something quite good.  It’s very exciting.

Thank you for all of your encouragement as I continue to explore supporting others and helping them find comfort  through my written word.


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