OMG! He Left Me

It has been almost a year since Joe’s first stroke; a year of worry; a year of stress and a year of me learning to be a caregiver.

Holding on to hope, fighting back the tears and finding strength I never thought I had helped me cope and endure.

During these past twelve months I’ve learned more about the medical field than I wanted to because that was Joe needed from me to help him come back to his pre-stroke self. I nursed him and functioned as his physical therapist, occupational and speech therapist.

He was an avid student, working hard to regain his physical and cognitive abilities and now, almost a year after we first noticed “something was amiss,” Joe has become independent once again.

And just how did Joe acknowledge that my hard and caring labor was successful?

He did so by leaving me.

Right now I am at my home in Connecticut and he is in New Jersey. With our kids. For an overnight visit.

Our house feels empty and I know when I go to bed tonight I will be sharing it with just Joe’s little cuddly bear, Buddy. In the morning I shall make my own breakfast and not think about toasting his English muffin, pouring his orange juice or scooping out the applesauce with which he takes his morning pills.

The last time I was alone in the house my alarm would awaken me at 6:00AM so I could race to the hospital to visit him. This time I can sleep as late as I want knowing that Joe is well and happy and having his own private vacation.


Yet so very gratifying, for I know without a doubt that he is well and I was a part of that improvement.

I suspect this is only one of several times when he and I will be separated as I continue to find private times with my girlfriends and he gets to go on mini-vacations without me. Just like old times.

Except it isn’t “just like old times,” for we now understand the fragile nature of our health and how very special our lives together are.

Even when we are apart.






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