We Are That Couple

His cane with three feet
Moving with care
Holding my hand as we walk cross the street

Me in my leg brace
Mirror image of his
We laugh about running a three-legged race

Young onlookers grin
At this couple so aged
They don’t quite believe we are not at all dim

We have become that couple

That couple one finds
And thinks of as frail
Yes, maybe of body but not in our minds

In the past we would see
Others looking disabled
Back before we were the new he and me

We would try to not stare
Feeling so smug
We still had our strength but knew life is not fair

But we now are that couple

That couple one finds
And feels sorry for
But we now understand frail is all in one’s mind

We do what we must
Caregivers and takers
Understanding our love deepens with trust

Laugh with our friends
Meet them for dinner
A cane and a brace doesn’t mean our life ends

Yet we are that couple

And it is our duty
To remain strong of soul
For that couple’s life still holds so much beauty

We are not close to finished
The world needs to know this
We’re dynamic, alert, spirit never diminished

We still share a love
That transcends any weakness
In heart we are strong and thank Heaven above

That we are this couple







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