Helping women and girls embrace the transitions and challenges of life
Accept what you must.
...Rebel against the rest.

The Tao and defiant woman knows the recipe to get through life’s challenges and transitions.

She uses the five principles of acceptance culled from the ancient philosophy of Taoism, blended with a healthy dose of defiance - defying stereotypes, negativity and self-limiting behaviors.

The perfect combination of Eastern serenity and Western boldness, the Tao and defiant philosophy will help you to follow your unique path with joy and vitality.

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Want support with life's challenges?
Ask a Tao-Girl.

Tao-Girls support and encourage each other to be self confident, powerful and courageous.

Using the cool ancient philosophy of Taoism combined with a kick of modern-day boldness, Tao-Girls take on life’s challenges and come out the winner.

Because they are: Tenacious Accepting Optimistic –
Grateful Imaginative Radiant Loving.

Be inspired each week with the Tao-Girl Wisdom!

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